Word Search Perfected. Elegant. Challenging. Perfect.

Free on Android™! Word search has been perfected! Play the game of word search in its purest form. Find more words in one puzzle grid than you've ever believed possible. From over 150 words in a 15x20 mind-boggler to just 8 words in a 5x6 teaser, there's a word search puzzle for everyone.

  • Unlimited free word search puzzles generated from a list of 75,000 words.
  • Five difficulty levels increasingly challenge your word power.
  • Five puzzle sizes adjust automatically to your screen, from the smallest phone to the largest tablet.
  • Improve your vocabulary by looking up unfamiliar words. A great way to learn English.
  • Opt to select words in reverse.
  • Clean and colorful presentation with light and dark themes.
  • Solve puzzles against the clock and record your best scores.
  • Share your scores with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.
  • Pause a puzzle and return to it again at any time.
  • US, British or Canadian English spelling.
  • Kid-friendly: unlike our competitors, swear words are not included!

Words are hidden in the puzzle grid in a greater variety of directions as the difficulty level increases. Higher difficulty levels begin to include lots of short words and many more unfamiliar words. Lower difficulty levels and smaller sizes are great for kids. Larger sizes take longer to complete, so you can pick the perfect size to pass the time.

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